all-in-one Tool for changelog, roadmap and feedback system Sleekplan


Sleekplan is an all-in-one feedback tool that organizes user requests and brings feature voting boards, roadmaps, changelogs, and CSAT surveys to your website.

Navigating customer feedback can feel like a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese: overwhelming and chaotic. (“Tommy, stop throwing pepperonis at your sister!”)

You need a simple way to make sense of user responses, so you can learn how to best improve your product or service.

What if there was a feedback solution that organized user feedback, measured customer satisfaction trends, and allowed you to send out notifications to keep everyone up to date?

Collect user feedback via web page, in-product widget, or iframe and gain insights with CSAT surveys and in-depth analytics

Alternative to: UserVoice,, and Upvoty

Share news and updates with standalone or embedded roadmaps and changelogs

Best for: Website owners, SaaS businesses, and content creators that want to collect feedback and send out news and updates

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