Filmstro Pro allows you to create custom soundtracks for Youtube


Create custom, royalty-free soundtracks in a snap with a fully-packed professional music library

Access thousands of high-quality, royalty-free music tracks to use in your film projects

Alternative to: Artlist

Use the app to keyframe each track to make it more unique while ensuring it fits into your project’s narrative

Best for: Creative filmmakers who want a more custom music selection to use in their project soundtracks
Working with the Filmstro Pro sliders is super intuitive. Just play a track to audition the music, and move the sliders to explore the range of emotion you can create.

By manipulating three simple parameters, you can create a soundtrack that’s uniquely tailored to your project.

Filmstro lets you change each track with simple keyframes, allowing you to “see” the music like never before with visual representations of transition

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