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DescriptionIf you’ve ever wondered how to get fit and healthy with minimal effort, look no further. Verv is your all-in-one solution for that. It features four building blocks – physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness – all defined by simplicity, effectiveness, and personalization. Choose what you like from an extensive library of solutions for a healthier lifestyle:

Wide Range of Fitness Workouts
Large variety of at-home exercises for weight loss

Body-toning fitness programs for all trouble zones

Collection of workouts with resistance bands

Unique 30-day fitness challenges to keep your motivation high
Running & Walking Sessions
A wide range of training programs for weight loss & body tone

Interval trainings with audio instructions

Detailed stats for progress tracking

Custom-made plans made for your goals
Meal Plans for Every Taste
Delicious recipes with prep time & number of calories

Keto and intermittent fasting plans

Vegan & vegetarian plans

Meal plan collections to benefit your training
Meditation & Yoga Practices
270+ guided meditations & short practices

Step-by-step meditation courses

5-minute singles for stress relief

Programs for better sleep, anxiety-relief, & more
Energetic Dance Tutorials
Guided dance workouts for all levels

Learn from the celebrity choreographer

Routines that give you tone & burn calories
Music & Sounds for Training and Relaxation
Unlimited access to the hottest workout mixes from top DJs

Music that adjusts to your workout tempo

Calming melodies to help you unwind

Sleep Stories & ASMR so you can drift off and sleep peacefully

Enjoy workouts, yoga practices, meal plans, meditations, running, and walking sessions separately or as a combination of activities. One way or the other, take the most out of your experience. Synchronize with Apple Health to automatically export workout data from Verv to Health App.
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