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DescriptionMaximize your time and focus on learning and listening. Elocance is a mobile app that turns all your content into a podcast instantly. From 12-page emails to meeting reports, notes, or web articles, everything you turn into audio can now save you time. Curate your own content and save everything in one place. Create audio playlists you can listen to during your commute while exercising or running errands. Look up from your screen and stay productive at the same time.

Save your content for later

Turn everything (articles, PDFs, newsletters, emails, & more) to audio

HD voice options & accents

Create audio playlists

Popular newsletters directly in the app

4.4/5 stars on App Store:
★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★
Featured on L’ADN, Les Echos, 20 Minutes, LCI, Maddyness, and moreFeature on Product Hunt with 681 upvotes

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