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DescriptionIn today’s market, whether you are a billion-dollar corporation or a solopreneur, the activities you undertake on a day-to-day basis to build relationships with your customers are virtually identical—and they’re all fueled by content. Today’s low-cost solutions available for individuals and small businesses just don’t offer the features you need. Starchive = Game-changing technology + low cost. For the first time, all of the powerful features of an enterprise-class DAM (digital asset management) solution are available to a new breed of customers who really need them—at a 20th of the cost. Starchive’s Individual Plan gives you 1TB of cloud storage that’s 100% private. Perfect for solopreneurs and influencers.

Starchive is trusted and used by Bob Dylan, New York Philharmonic, and Volvo!
Automated file curation leveraging AI

Powerful search with custom fields, auto tags, and data probing

Unlimited file sharing with no file size limits

Unlimited collections for fast access to commonly used files

Post directly to social media platforms from Starchive’s mobile app

Preview and playback on virtually any file type

Unlimited access to storage and pay only for the storage you use

To learn more about all the features, visit Starchive.io
Starchive: Individual Plan
1 Member (you)

1TB of Storage

$1/mo for Each Additional 50GB

Auto-Tag Photo Identification

Built-In Media Player

100% Private—You Control Access

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