Share your calendar with just a link Calendar.Online Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Deal: https://appsumo.8odi.net/xVvNO

– It is easier to use as Google Calendar. You don’t need a login with a password, you only need an access link like https://calendar.online/sport
– Access Links can have different permissions: Administrator, Writer, Read-only, Add-only, …
– You can have sub-calendars with different colors and you can set the permissions for each sub-calendar (read, write, …)
– You can set a default view for each access link: day, week, month, year, list or planner

– More features:
Additional Password protection
Reminder by E-mail and SMS
Printing / PDF export
Event export (iCalendar)
Event import (iCalendar)
Integration into your own website
Automatic refresh
Import interval fifteen minutes
No Calendar.online branding
Custom logo
Unlimited historical data

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